Aligned Incentives

Simple and transparent pricing, incentivized to help your employees make progress. Even’s business model means we only make money when employees save money.

Cash illustration
Cash illustration

We make money by charging an $8 per month membership fee

Our promise

That’s the only way we make money: With Even there are no transaction fees, no interest, and no selling of employee data. Why do we take this approach? Because we believe a membership is the only business model that truly aligns Even’s incentives with your employees financial well-being.

Incumbent financial institutions make money when people are stuck. Stuck paying interest, overdraft, and late fees. Even makes money when people find value in our product and make progress with us. And if your employees don’t use Even for two consecutive months, we’ll proactively cancel their membership.

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Choose to pay all or part of the Even subscription as an added benefit for your employees.