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Full-stack engineer

77 million Americans work for an hourly wage. Their median income is $34,142. They don’t make a lot of money—and worse, their income and expenses are inconsistent. As a result, they frequently don’t have enough income to cover expenses, so these Americans spend $100 billion every year just to make ends meet. They lose 10-30% of their income to things like payday loans, overdraft fees, and late bill fees. It is expensive to be poor.

You want to fix that. By building software that eliminates the underlying inefficiencies. At Even, you’ll be working on software that gives the lower and middle classes more financial stability, purchasing power, and upward mobility. You’ll be doing it by building products that people love, use every day, and come to depend on. And you’ll be working in an organization that has incredibly high engineering standards, because it treats engineers as product owners.


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