Even money management app

How Even makes money


We make money by charging a subscription for our Pay Protection feature.

Pay Protection is a brand new way to deal with not getting paid enough — kind of like a much friendlier credit card — that automatically sends you extra money when payday doesn't cover your bills and expenses. You pay this money back automatically from a future paycheck where you have more than enough.

Most of our users pay nothing for Pay Protection—it’s free for them, because their employer pays Even the subscription.

This is the only way we make money.


Here are a bunch of things we don’t do:

Other than the Pay Protection subscription, we do not charge fees. For anything. Ever.

We do not charge interest on money you owe us.

We do not sell your information. We will never, ever, sell your information. We may share some information with partners we’ve thoroughly vetted, but that information will be scrubbed of anything that could identify you, and we only do this when we absolutely must, to provide the Even service. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

We do not try to sell you credit cards or bank accounts you don’t need. We don’t promote products at all.

We do not earn interest on any money you’ve saved with Even. In fact, that money stays in your bank account, so you keep the interest!

Any questions? Please ask us! support@teameven.com