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Financial stability in an app

Extra money when your pay is low, interest-free. Intelligent savings when your pay is high. So you can stop worrying about payday, and start getting ahead.

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Always get at least your average pay

First, Even calculates how much you make on average. With Even, you can count on always getting at least your average pay, every payday. So you’ll always know your bills are covered.

Say goodbye to low paychecks

Whenever you get paid less than your average, Even deposits extra money in your account, interest-free.

  • There’s no interest, and no deadline to pay the money back. Seriously.
  • When you earn more than your average, Even pulls only from any extra money to pay itself back, so you always keep at least your average.
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Start making real progress, fast

Whenever you get paid more than your average, Even’s Smart Savings technology calculates just the right amount to save so you make real progress on your goals without feeling pinched.

  • You can choose to save more, less, or none at all. It’s your money, and your call.
  • Money you save is FDIC insured up to $250,000. Withdraw it anytime.
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Honest pricing

Totally free for 30 days. Then just
$3/week. Cancel anytime, for any reason.

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Serious security

Backed by FDIC insurance. Protected
by the same encryption your bank uses.

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Personal support

Talk to a real, California-based
support person at the tap of a button.

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Want a steady income? There's an app for that.

Makes sure you can pay your monthly bills.

Designed to keep people out of debt.

A startup's mission: improve cash flow.

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Even is a brand new thing, so we understand if you want to do more research before trying it.

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