Floating Paycheck

We turn paychecks into progress

Employee financial stress is costing businesses millions in lost productivity and high turnover. Even’s Daily Money Management Platform gives employees a simple way to plan, spend, borrow, and save money—proven to increase savings and decrease turnover.

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Floating paycheck
Floating Paycheck

Increase retention with holistic financial wellness


of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, regardless of income


of employers report absenteeism and tardiness due to employee financial stress


increase in retention when employees use Even

Floating paycheck
Floating Paycheck
House made of checks

How we make progress possible

Even connects to your payroll system to let employees send their wages straight to savings to help with bills or debt. Or, send some of their paycheck to themselves in an emergency (even if payday hasn’t come yet).

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Even makes paychecks go further


Even delivers unprecedented ROI for businesses because it meaningfully reduces stress for employees. By providing not just the short-term cash flow they need to get by, but also helping with healthy planning, spending, and saving that helps them make progress, Even gets high adoption from employees and provides huge savings for employers.

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Stacked books

We don’t

Sell data

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Charge interest

We make money by charging a flat monthly membership fee that employers can choose to subsidize. We believe in financial services that help employees get ahead instead of holding them back, and we’ve built our entire business around this principle.